Constituent Management System

A CRM solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed to help Non-Profit organizations serve and grow.
Non-Profits inspire transformation within the communities they serve. Over the years, many Non-Profits have realized that to grow their impact, they needed to transform themselves too. Especially when it comes to technology. For Non-Profits looking to grow and increase their mission impact, GiveLife365 is a Cloud-based constituent management system for Non-Profit organizations of all sizes.

GiveLife365 leverages the Microsoft power platform and delivers a modern interface for ease of use. It provides a bundle of useful tools to help Non-Profits run their functions efficiently. These include managing and growing donor base, member and volunteer intake, membership renewals, grant lifecycles, personalized marketing campaigns as well as managing sponsorships.

For highly specialized Non-Profits with unique requirements, the Givelife365 solution further enhances user experience by providing a tailor-made and scalable platform. At the end of the day, success in charitable organizations — just like in businesses — depends upon connectivity. The more connected your systems are, the more efficient your operations will be. Because of GiveLife365’s technology solution, you can now spend more time to grow your mission impact and deliver new programs/initiatives.

An effective constituent management system enables holistic management of all your stakeholders: donors, grant-making organizations, corporate supporters, volunteers, suppliers and vendors, and program or service beneficiaries.

Constituent Management System


Manage donor relationships, donation webpages for higher intake, as well as a wide range of fund development activities.


Manage volunteer recruitment and skill matching, create new volunteer opportunities, record volunteer scheduling and reporting.


Oversee your full grant management lifecycle, with task-based workflows to track the application status, reviews, approvals, and milestones.


Track and grow memberships by building databases, subscription payments, renewals, and event registrations.


Create personalized and targeted communications based on segmented email lists. Drive marketing efforts towards building your sales funnel with the campaign management module.


Create different sponsorship packages with associated benefits. Track sponsorship payments, increase revenue, and develop relationships with potential prospects.

Increase Your Impetus.
Increase Your Impact.

An Integrated Non-Profit CRM Your Team Can Use

GiveLife365 is a user-friendly and highly intelligent cloud-based Non-Profit CRM capable of handling your requirements. Its ease of use, flexibility to integrate with any third-party tools, and extensibility make GiveLife365 a preferred CRM choice.


Powerful Analytics with Seamless Configuration Options

Powered by Microsoft’s Power BI, this Constituent Management System provides powerful reporting and analytics. This gives you a wealth of insights never previously achievable with data sitting in disparate systems. Also, it allows seamless integration with several tools including financial systems and PCI compliant payment gateways.


Scalable Enterprise Solution

Designed to scale according to your organization’s needs, team size, and operational requirements. Because the CRM system can be customizable as per your unique requirements, the solution is sustainable in the long run to help you reach your growth goals.

What Can You Expect From GiveLife365?

Manage all data of your constituents in one centralized location. Access the data from anywhere, anytime.


Use automated business workflows to easily organize your data faster. Pre-built integrations that allow easier maintenance, data availability, and better collaboration.


Manage marketing and customer service in one location to reduce administrative burden. Attract new constituents, build constituent engagement, and together inspire the community you serve.


Business intelligence and reporting features on constituents’ donations by amount or frequency, volunteer efforts and skill matching, renewals due, etc to help improve business processes.

A flawless integration with the tools you love.
Constituent Management System
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