Non-Profit Donor Management Software

Simplify donor management with Givelife365's CRM software. Keep track of donor information, communication, and donations in one place. Gain valuable insights and improve your fundraising efforts with customizable reports and analytics

non-profit donor management software

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Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

GiveLife365’s Non-Profit donor management software is a cloud-based solution to manage the giving of your donors, funders, and supporters.

GiveLife365 creates fundraising initiatives, cultivates relationships, and helps to collect more donations. The online giving forms can be embedded on your website, and constituent records are created or updated automatically after every submission. The donations received through this channel auto-integrate with the software. This provides a single source of truth and saves time from manual data entry.

Once a donor contact gets created, the system enables you and your team to manage and keep track of essential features such as donor profiles, interaction history, transactions, donation history, and fund allocation. A unified data repository for all donor-related information is also maintained.

GiveLife’s Donor Management software for non-profits is a cloud-based Fundraising and Donor Management solution for Non-Profits. It is specifically designed to manage and drive the fundraising efforts of the various causes with which a Non-Profit is aligned.

Apart from allowing you to enter the data manually, the GiveLife365 can also be integrated with other data sources to support bulk data import functionality.

GiveLife365 allows integration with payment gateways that make existing and potential donors register and conduct secure online donations in just a few seconds. It also enables non-profit organizations to keep track of key performance metrics that matter to scale their program or mission, such as average yearly donation amount, monthly donation amount, top donations, active donations, etc.

GiveLife365’s donor management software automates all payment-related activities, creating and sending tax slips, maintaining every type of transaction, and engaging with the right supporters at the right time.

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