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Watch, learn, and grow. Scale mission impact with insights around Non-Profit technology, simplified reporting, constituent management, fundraising, marketing, and communications needs.

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Non-Profit Donor Management Software

Simplify donor management with Givelife365's CRM software. Keep track of donor information, communication, and donations in one place. Gain valuable insights and improve your fundraising efforts with customizable reports and analytics

Modern membership management software for Non-Profit organizations

Keep track of member information, communication, and status in one place. Maximize growth and retention with customizable reports and analytics.

Event Management Software for Non-Profits

Simplify event management for your nonprofit with Givelife365's software module. Keep track of event details and attendees, gain insights into event success with customizable reports and analytics, and engage with your supporters in a meaningful way

Volunteer management software for Non-Profits

Simplify volunteer management with Givelife365's CRM software. Keep track of volunteer information, communication, and assignments in one place. Maximize impact with customizable reports and analytics.

Track and share your Non-Profits impact report with GiveLife365

GiveLife365’s impact reporting module helps you to align fundraising, program delivery, finance, and operations with actionable insights and impact on a purpose-built platform.

Givelife365 – CRM For Charities And Non-Profits

For Charities And Non-Profits Looking To Grow And Increase Their Mission Impact, Givelife365 Is A: Cloud-Based Constituent Management System For Non-Profit Organizations Of All Sizes.

Donor Management Software For Nonprofits

The Donor Management Module Helps Non-Profits Manage Constituent Profiles, Interaction History, Donation History, Memberships, Subscriptions, And Fund Allocation And Much More.

Why impact reporting and how Non-Profits can align to the SDGs

Get A New Perspective About Showcasing The Good Work Of Your Non-Profit With Various Audiences Such As Volunteers, Donors, And The Entire World — Encouraging Others To Get Involved.

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