Volunteer management software for Non-Profits

Simplify volunteer management with Givelife365's CRM software. Keep track of volunteer information, communication, and assignments in one place. Maximize impact with customizable reports and analytics.

volunteer management software for non-profits

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Volunteer Management Software for Non-Profits

Volunteer Management Software for Non-Profits

As your Non-Profit scales, so too does the need for effective volunteer management. Along with donors, volunteers are the lifeblood of your Non-Profit organization – reducing operation costs, improving services, and offeringa different perspective as they work toward the causes they’re passionate about.

Whether you struggle with volunteer recruitment and retention, or if you’ve got too many volunteers to manage effectively, we can help. From the initial onboarding to assigning tasks to over seeing time management, GiveLife365 is a window into the world of your volunteer staff.

With volunteer intake, scheduling, time management, and communications features, GiveLife365 manages new opportunities for volunteers, keeping everyone engaged; optimizes the orientation and training process; tracks shift management and attendance; and it allows you to conduct surveys, specially designed to solicit feedback on how to improve volunteer engagement.

By staying in contact with your volunteers, and tracking their work, you’ll help to ensure your volunteers making a real difference for your organization – and for the communities your organization serves.

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