Membership Management: How Does A CRM Help?

28 Aug 2020
Membership Management: How Does A CRM Help?

Is your Non-Profit struggling to streamline membership management and engagement? Are your member stewardship efforts less fruitful than you’d like? In this article, we explain why you need a CRM to grow, inspire, and scale your membership management program.

Non-Profits are all about helping the communities of which they are a part. Thus, structuring a Non-Profit membership program to welcome the opinions and voices of people who support your goals will help to present your organization in its very best light.

Why Memberships Are Important for Non-Profits

A membership program can provide a predictable source of income for your Non-Profit. It can also help members identify with the organization, thus strengthening their support and their advocacy. This sense of belonging can help Non-Profits raise enough money to support their cause and reach their full potential.

Membership programs provide a variety of opportunities for organizations to onboard loyal supporters who will lend a hand with fundraising, public speaking, and other organizational tasks. A Non-Profit’s membership program invites individuals to donate something — usually money or time – to an organization. In return, the members become affiliated with the organization for a specific amount of time. Membership often implies an “insider” status, giving the interested individuals an upper hand in terms of benefits, privileges, and other advantages.

However, running and managing membership programs is no-joke! Keeping a track of membership subscriptions, sending payment reminders, membership renewals are some of the regular yet cumbersome tasks with which Non-Profits deal every day. For those who run complex membership programs, receiving immediate insights into members’ activities from events and enabling online membership renewals is absolutely essential.

Why a Robust CRM is Necessary for Successful Non-Profits

That’s where GiveLife365 comes in. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, this CRM provides fully-customized software to keep a track of membership subscriptions, online payments, and all things related to membership management software nonprofit.

When you run a Non-Profit, you are moving your mission forward with limited time and budget. Implementing a well-customized CRM can help you focus on increasing involvement and engagement from your supporters. From programming customized messages for your membership hierarchy to automated onboarding and membership renewal alerts, a good CRM will help keep you ahead to guard against membership attrition.

An effective membership management module streamlines your ability to thrive in the Non-Profit sector. Once you have established your organization’s mission and goals, you need to develop a membership program that fits with your aims and plans. Listing benefits that you will provide to your members definitely helps. Once you have brainstormed the advantages of the program, you can think of setting a membership fee as it forms an integral part of the membership management exercise.

Here is where a competent CRM comes in handy. Creating and managing memberships, beginning from signing up new members to providing “soon-to-expire” membership reminders, a CRM empowers Non-Profits to come with tailored plans as per your organizational needs. GiveLife365 lets interested individuals subscribe to plans that interest them. A user can obtain a holistic view of all the subscribers for each plan in one place. It also enables Non-Profit professionals to generate and offer discounts to members and send automated subscription renewal reminder emails.

GiveLife365’s Membership Management Module

Here are some of the benefits of our Membership Management Module:

  • Increases pledges & recurring donations
  • Monetizes & enhances your events
  • Allows you to reach more supporters
  • Lets you manage all organizational activities in one system
  • Helps to raise more funds
  • Assists with organizing, tracking & communicating with your supporters & members
  • Provides insights into better understanding your members’ needs

If your organization has a vision for making the world a better place, a membership management system that engages your donors, cultivates relationships, and connects you with supporters of your cause is all it needs.

GiveLife365’s provides a customizable solution encompassing personalized management modules for donors, volunteers, and members alike. Not only will it help you to build and program memberships for additional revenue, but it will also extend additional privileges so that your members keep coming back, year after year. Backed by Microsoft Dynamics, GiveLife365 combines practical membership management with time-saving features, allowing your organization to focus on its mission. This means automating your membership management processes, maximizing retention, and providing your members with the premium experience they deserve.

How GiveLife365 Can Help to Grow Your Non-Profit
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With GiveLife365’s cloud-based services, you can help to grow your Non-Profit by:

  • Easily searching and managing your membership database
  • Customizing membership levels and automating renewals
  • Saving hours with automatic database updates in real-time
  • Allowing members to fill in their own details in the member profile
  • Storing your data in a secure database

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