GiveLife365 CRM: The Key to Your Non-Profit’s Success

24 Jul 2020
GiveLife365 CRM: The Key to Your Non-Profit’s Success

Non-Profits are special. These are organizations that run on a core belief and shared philanthropic ideals rather than focusing on making money. Most Non-Profits run on a limited budget and often struggle in defining metrics to measure success. When an organization operates on a non-profit model, it becomes challenging to bring all departments together and bringing the operational value down.

The principle behind a Non-Profit’s existence is stark opposite a for-profit’s objective. Still to achieve its ultimate goal, a non-profit has to follow similar processes that regular commercial business organizations work upon. Building relations with people who are going to donate for their cause, volunteers to help spread a word about them- are all a part of a Non-Profits’ long list of unmentioned tasks.

Do you run a Non-Profit and want to use modern technology to create personalized, data-driven relationships for a better reach?

With digital transformation pushing its way into every business, it only seems logical for Non-Profits to adopt the tech. In today’s world, such organizations-no matter how big or small, need to engage with many groups, such as public donors, corporate contributors, and volunteers. Right from carrying out their prime objectives to fulfilling its mission, a Non-Profit needs a tremendous amount of organization, collaboration, and support.


This article is an insight into how adopting GiveLife365’s CRM solution, Non-Profits can strengthen and grow valuable relationships and opportunities.

1. An Integrating CRM solution to Fit Your Non-Profit’s Needs

Your Non-Profit relies on relationships, members, volunteers, donations, or contacts to meet its set goals. Managing too many things at one time can be a hassle. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, GiveLife365 helps you bridge the gap between all departments. The inbuilt functionality of this high-end CRM solution allows you to sort silos of data along with mapping and tracking relationships with people from multiple departments. It uses a single database to bring everyone under one umbrella, increasing operational efficiency.

2. Setting up and Managing Donors

Donors are of paramount importance for Non-Profits. They are the ones that help a Non-Profit to achieve its fundraising goals. No matter what your Non-Profit’s mission is, GiveLife365 helps you in creating and managing funds, donors and their donations, and the different fund categories.

Additionally, GiveLife365 also helps in setting up donor portals with self-service functionalities. This will help you in reducing manual data entry, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

3. Customizing Processes per Your Non-Profit’s Needs

GiveLife365 allows you to tailor your system in accordance with your business functionality. As soon as all the constituent related data is entered into the system, GiveLife365’s business process automation and powerful dashboards provide increased productivity, improved operational Stability and better governance.

4. Volunteer Management is No More a Task

Volunteers are the backbone of any Non-Profit. It’s these volunteers who dedicate their time & best efforts in promoting and supporting a Non-Profit Organization’s cause. That’s why it’s imperative for any organization to carefully manage and support their volunteers.

Adopting GiveLife365’s solution, you can create volunteer registrations, volunteer opportunities, and projects. It also allows you to post multiple volunteering opportunities on the portal. GiveLife365 eases Volunteer Management for Non-Profits to a great extent.

5. Access Your Portal from Anywhere in the World

GiveLife365’s portal lets you launch and access your organization’s web pages using any browser as well as via the Dynamics 365 app. This enables you to access information from easily configurable and user-friendly web pages in real-time on any device.

6. Communicating Gets Easier

GiveLife365’s CRM leverages on Dynamics 365 to efficiently integrate with Office 365. This enables you to create automated email responses and trigger emails after specific actions, tailored to meet your organizational goals.

7. Hassle-Free Campaign & Event Management

A Non-Profit’s fundraising strategy is futile unless it involves campaigns that are focused on raising awareness of its cause and ultimately, in turn, bring in more attention from prospective donors. With GiveLife365, you can create and manage marketing campaigns, including emails and newsletters for fundraisers, getting new supporters and donors.

Your Non-Profit further needs proven tools to run smooth and profitable fundraisers or volunteer & supporter recruitment. GiveLife365’s event management lets you plan conferences, charity events & other similar events smoothly. Right from booking venues, organizing sponsors, managing schedules to tracking attendance can be single-handedly managed with our highly-efficient CRM.


Most non-profits have a complex operational structure. There have been many instances when employees of these non-profits find themselves struggling and juggling with excels & spreadsheets to keep a record of data. Listing the current and potential donors, sponsors, events, volunteer timesheets add to the long list of tasks. Hence it becomes imperative for a non-profit organization to bring in synchronicity to enable competent work schedules to further ensure sustenance in the industry. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, GiveLife365 works wonders for non-profits that focus on running as an efficient organization, irrespective of the scarce workforce and limited resources. Investing in our scalable tool will take these regular loads off from your non-profit’s shoulders while it takes another step towards making the world a better place.