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Givelife365 joins Ontario Nonprofit Network

Givelife365 joins Ontario Nonprofit Network

GiveLife365, a cloud-based software provider for Non-Profit organizations, has joined as a member of ONN (Ontario Nonprofit Network) to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the province.

GiveLife365 offers user-friendly software, powered by Microsoft Power Apps, enabling nonprofits to efficiently manage donor relationships, fundraising, volunteers, memberships, grants, and campaigns. With robust reporting and analytics, the platform adapts to organizations' evolving needs.

ONN, the independent network representing over 58,000 Ontario nonprofits, focuses on policy, advocacy, and services to fortify the sector. They unite organizations to collaborate on sector-related issues and advocate for nonprofits to governments and funders.

By becoming members, GiveLife365 and ONN will empower nonprofits in Ontario to streamline their operations, optimize resource allocation, and drive positive social change more effectively. The shared vision of both organizations is to build a strong and resilient nonprofit sector that can address the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by communities across the province.

GiveLife365 and ONN aim to further support the growth and resilience of Ontario's nonprofit sector. The collaboration will leverage GiveLife365's cutting-edge software tools and ONN's extensive network, offering nonprofits a powerful combination of technological solutions and policy advocacy.

The collaboration between GiveLife365 and ONN represents a significant step towards fostering a thriving nonprofit ecosystem in Ontario. Nonprofit organizations in the province can look forward to enhanced support, greater connectivity, and increased collective impact as a result of this membership.

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