Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Non-profits

Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Non-profits

For many non-profit organizations, moving to the cloud is a priority, but before they can move forward they need answers to several questions, such as:

1. How do I start?

2. How should I build a plan for cloud migration?

3. Which workloads should I move to the cloud?

4. How will moving to the cloud affect my organization’s ability to achieve our mission?

The non-profit cloud strategy ebook—which is based on the real-world experiences of many global IT organizations, including Microsoft—will help you answer those and many other questions about the cloud and Azure.

It presents best practices and guidance on both technical and organizational aspects of cloud strategy in clear, concise detail. Management can use it to understand cloud fundamentals such as the meaning of the “as a service” concept; the difference between public, private, and hybrid clouds; and which cloud services will produce the most value for your organization.

Your IT staff can use this ebook to guide them in determining what adjustments need to be made to transition your organization to the cloud and how to make those adjustments. This includes Azure-specific tips and tactics related to:

  • General architectures that incorporate security, identity, and cloud design principles
  • DevOps and how it fits with cloud technologies
  • Integrating, planning, and managing cloud resources
  • Microsoft Azure governance

By helping your IT team effectively plan, implement, and integrate cloud technologies, this ebook will help your organization tap into endless possibilities for innovation in the cloud, so you can make the most of your resources and do more good.

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