Case Study

PC Project Embraces Givelife365 For Seamless Constituent Management Across Its Verticals

PC Project Embraces Givelife365 For Seamless Constituent Management Across Its Verticals

“GiveLife365 has proven to be an integral component of our project and a key resource in measuring our outputs. The customer service provided by the GiveLife365 team was phenomenal, as they were highly responsive to our feedback, listened to our needs, troubleshot solutions to challenges that arose, and provided behind the scenes support as we launched this novel and ambitious project. Both the platform and the people were very helpful in making our project run smoothly.”

Janice Schwartz

Executive Director at PC Project

“With GiveLife365, we have an integrated CRM to organize and connect with our patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers, industry partners, and other contacts.”

Holly Evans

Patient Support Officer at PC Project

GiveLife365 — a product of Alphavima Technologies, allows customers to manage donor relations and fundraising, organize volunteers and memberships, oversee grant management, run campaigns, and create dashboards for effective data visualization. The Pachyonychia Congenita Project (PC Project), a US public charity founded in 2004, connects patients, researchers, and physicians in a global effort to help treat those who suffer from skin disease pachyonychia congenita. PC Project engaged Alphavima Technologies to address the issues around its legacy systems.

Customer challenges

With limited staff and a small budget, PC Project connects patients, researchers, and physicians throughout the world in a united effort to find effective treatments for pachyonychia congenita. Its primary goal is to drive patient participation and connect patients with researchers and physicians. PC Project requires a highly integrated CRM to manage its patient registry, article repository, consortium of doctors, and charity events. The non-profit’s legacy system posed a series of challenges stemming from low digitalization, lack of automation, and heterogeneous data management across its business processes.

GiveLife365 solution

While working with Alphavima Technologies on the implementation GiveLife365, PC Project’s primary motivation was to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft application ecosystem. The non-profit sought to remove technological barriers by flattening the learning curve involved in standard implementation projects and by using Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Azure, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, building on its familiarity with Microsoft technologies. The GiveLife365 CRM, which leverages the power of Dynamics 365, provided PC project with seamless constituent management across all verticals (patient registry, donations, volunteers, and grants and sponsorships) and clear data visualization and insights to optimize decision-making. Because PC Project had already adopted Microsoft applications, GiveLife365 worked smoothly with its already-existing technological infrastructure.

Customer benefits

Embracing the Givelife365 solution and a Microsoft cloud ecosystem has provided PC Project with seamless constituent management across its verticals, all modelled on centralized data stored in a secure cloud environment. By using GiveLife365, PC Project now employs a user-friendly experience through a single platform that’s flexible and scalable, with automatic updates and on-demand cloud infrastructure. PC Project also built interactive dashboards and reports in Power BI to measure its KPIs effectively.

PC Project and GiveLife365: Microsoft customer story