Volunteer Retention Strategies – Tips To Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back

24 Apr 2020
Volunteer Retention Strategies – Tips To Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back

When it comes to growing and sustaining your Non-Profit, you need highly engaged, reliable and skilled Volunteers. Once you’ve found a few dependable and committed Volunteers, your organization needs to do everything they can to retain them.

That’s why Non-Profits should invest in Volunteer Management strategies that help streamline the entire process of Volunteer recruitment & engagement and improve Volunteer retention.

Enumerated below are a few Volunteer Management strategies that improve Volunteer retention.

1. Keep a track of your Volunteer data

To ensure Volunteer retention, Non-Profits need to keep an organized and updated record of their Volunteer Data. Volunteer management software for nonprofits can be used to keep an accurate track of Volunteer Data. Non-Profits around the world are using Volunteer Management Software to keep a record of Volunteer contact information, streamline Volunteer registration, keep an updated record of communications across multiple channels, create automated communication processes and deliver outreach programs based on Volunteer skills and interest areas.

2. Provide Volunteers with the resources and training to be successful

For successful retention of Volunteers, Non-profits must provide them the resources and training to be successful. They must provide support to Volunteers to enhance their skills. Volunteer training programs can augment Volunteer growth & development, inculcate motivation and improve overall Volunteer retention rates. Depending on the role of the Volunteer in the organization, three types of training can be provided - basic Non-Profit education, organization-based training, and role-specific training.

3. Use a skill Volunteer skill matrix to leverage Volunteer skills and strengths

Another important aspect of Volunteer retention is leveraging Volunteer skills and strength. Non-Profits need to make good use of their Volunteer’ skills and strength. It will not only make the Volunteer feel valued and appreciated, but also be beneficial and rewarding for the Non-Profit. If the Volunteer feels that his/her skills are being put to good use, he/she will continue working with your Non-Profit. A Volunteer skills matrix can be used to confirm the skill, knowledge, and interest of the Volunteer. A skills matrix is a table that displays the proficiency of the Volunteers at a specific task, as well as their interest in working on assignments using these skills and strengths.

4. Offer rewards, recognition, and incentives to Volunteer

One of the most effective Volunteer retention strategies is offering rewards, recognition, and incentives to Volunteers. The efforts of a Volunteer can be recognized in many different ways. These include - developing a Volunteer of the month award, acknowledging Volunteer milestones, sharing Volunteer accomplishments on social media & in monthly newsletters sending personalized thank you notes, sending greetings on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, providing additional opportunities for career & personal development and hosting special events for Volunteers to make them feel special.

5. Simplify the registration process

Simplifying and streamlining the registration process can also improve Volunteer retention rates. If you're using a manual system for Volunteer registration, switch to a Volunteer Management Software. It will make Volunteer registration extremely easy and smooth. It will also free up your staff’s time which can be focused on building relationships with Volunteers.

6. Be flexible

Be as considerate as possible when creating Volunteer tasks and allow Volunteers to create their Volunteering shifts that fit their lifestyle. By doing this you’re giving your Volunteers more incentive to come back.

Final thoughts

Volunteers are an indispensable part of a Non-Profit organization. Therefore, identifying and deploying the best strategies for successful Volunteer retention is extremely important. By using Volunteer management software, Non-Profits can keep a record of and analyze their Volunteer retention efforts.