How CRM Solutions Can Help Non-Profits Scale Up

24 Jun 2020
How CRM Solutions Can Help Non-Profits Scale Up

Non-Profits these days understand how important technology is in augmenting their growth. Whether you’re just starting out or are an already established organization looking to scale up your growth non-profit technology is an indispensable team member.

The most impactful way of scaling up your non-profit’s operations with technology is to invest in a robust CRM. A CRM will not only help you streamline the operations of your non-profit, but also assist you in building a strong relationship with your donors and volunteers.

how crm solutions can help nonprofits scale up

Here’s how CRM solutions can help non-profits scale up their operations:

1. A CRM Software for non-profits can help you seamlessly manage donors and build donor loyalty

Designed for non-profit organizations, a CRM that can aid in donor management will let you strengthen the bond with your donors and optimize your donation campaigns. It builds loyalty with your donors through personalized communication thereby helping in creating a lasting relationship.

Donor management also helps in tracking and managing the records of existing & prospective donors. It offers powerful user-defined fields/screens that can help each non-profit in conveying their mission statement.

For the sustainability of your organization, each donation is important. Whether it is a financial donation, a skill donation, or a donation in kind, each of them will help your non-profit in carrying out its missions. In order to have a clear follow-up, the CRM software gives you the opportunity to seize each of these donations and allocate them to a project or a charitable campaign. It also helps in managing targeted fundraising efforts thereby facilitating the users of the CRM in building effective campaigns.

2. A CRM for non-profits can help you better manage volunteers thereby facilitating their retention

Like donors, volunteers are people who have rallied behind your cause. They give differently; they give their time. Their professional and personal backgrounds and skills have real added value for your non-profit. It is therefore essential to know their profile well in order to assign them to the right place at the right time.

Volunteer management allows you to create the profile of your volunteers and add all the important information: entry date, availability, skills, status (permanent or not), participation in events, and, if necessary, release date. Thanks to your in-depth knowledge of your volunteers, you can effectively manage their journey within your non-profit and personalize your relationships with each of them. Volunteer management can help in seamlessly scheduling the time of the volunteers for projects and keep a track of volunteer hours, change in schedule, etc.

3. A CRM for non-profits can help you optimize and automate marketing campaigns

Campaign management will allow you to interact with prospects and customers on multiple channels. Whether it's via text, social media, or live chat, you want to be the main concern of your customer base. It helps in creating segmented targeted lists, collecting responses, and defining an effective marketing outreach plan for donors, volunteers, etc.

It optimizes the campaign planning process, simplifies the management of marketing operations, and automates the performance of multichannel activities. In addition, it allows you to monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

4. A CRM for non-profits can help you manage memberships with ease

Membership management gathers and manages all data relating to members of your non-profit. Easily search their files using powerful search interfaces. Filter the results or create reports according to the criteria of your choice.

CRM also facilitates the management of memberships and renewal. Offer multiple types of membership, add options, special fees, or even allow your members to attach documents. Configure the membership periods and the software will automatically update the membership statuses of your members. It is also integrated with payment gateways for recurring payments of member subscriptions.

You can also use the CRM to automate communications with your members. Save time with the many pre-programmed messages.

Final thoughts

By providing robust data-tracking and reporting capabilities, CRM software can help non-profits streamline their internal management, analyze donor engagement, and deepen their connections to supporters.