5 Non-Profit Impacts That Moved Us

27 JUL 2021
5 Non-Profit Impacts That Moved Us

Every day, Non-Profits are taking meaningful actions to combat numerous social problems. The Non-Profit impact on communities is immense and the way they inspire supporters to stay involved and spread the word is commendable.

According to a DevEx report, from Jan 2020 till May 2021, the global funding to combat COVID-19 has reached $21.5 trillion. The same report also mentions that investments amounting to $259.9 billion have been made via the 1399 program announcements. WHO in its latest article has appealed to raise US $1.96 billion for its 2021 Strategic Preparedness and Response plan (SPRP2021).

The year 2020 was full of chaos. The Covid-19 pandemic brought a wave of health and socio-economic catastrophe that sent ripples across the world. It forced even the most developed nations in the world to tackle the deadly virus while confronting other problems such as hunger, poverty, and climate change. While the local and international governments were trying to keep people safe, non-profits took it upon themselves to provide the requisite help with their selfless humanitarian efforts to ensure that the world started falling back to normalcy.

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people across the globe, humanity’s fight against hunger, poverty, and other basic issues needs additional support.

Amidst all the chaos, non-profits struggled too. Challenges like implementing remote work arrangements, postponing or cancelling events and figuring out how to fundraise effectively were among the many concerns that caused stress. Despite this, many have kept the magnanimous efforts up and successfully kept the world going with their ingenious and non-stop endeavors.

Here we have enlisted five of the many non-profits impacts that inspired the world to be a better place.

1. Care Canada

Working to end the inequality caused by poverty, Care Canada has also been empowering communities with proper means to tackle issues related to climate change, economic independence, food supply and the pandemic. This non-profit works with survivors of war, especially women and children, to help them recover from their crises. In case of an emergency, they set up local response staff along with partnering with domestic groups to offer immediate food, water, and shelter to the needy. Care Canada is one of the oldest non-profits in the world and sent CARE Packages® to second world war survivors. Since then, a lot has changed and Care as a non-profit has addressed many problems to change the world and make it a better place. Their volunteers work towards the upliftment of women and girls in more than 90 countries. They train communities to adopt climate-adaptable farming techniques to save crops against natural disasters.

If you want to witness what all Care Canada has done in the past 45 years, visit the link


2. Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships makes healthcare viable for the needy. Established in 1978 by Don & Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships deploys highly advanced hospital ships in developing nations. These ships are run by volunteers and provide free healthcare to those who don’t have the means for proper medical aid. For the past 40 years, the non-profit has worked relentlessly in more than 56 developing nations — treating over 2.7 million people. They work in close coordination with the local governments of some of the poorest countries to bring high-impact change with remarkable healthcare services and medical capacity building.

To learn more about their purpose and efforts, you can check the link below:

3. One Girl

One Girl — the name says it all!

Working unwaveringly towards overcoming the hurdles that prevent girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda from getting access to the most basic right of education, One Girl has partnered with 27 schools to help girls complete their schooling. With their aid, close to 541 girls have received school scholarships. Not only this, but this comparatively new non-profit works towards promoting health and menstrual hygiene. They have distributed more than 339,990 sanitary pads until the writing of this article. They also advocate sexual rights, respect for girls and safe relationships. In their efforts to bring awareness around sexual rights, they have reached 801 community members with sexual and reproductive health and rights training!

You can watch them making an impact in the video link below:

4. Pencils of Promise

Prioritizing education as its main purpose, Pencils of Promise is committed to reshaping the education landscape by building schools and offering world-class educational programs to promote literacy in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. They do so by not only enrolling more and more students, but also by changing the teachers’ training methods. They build schools from scratch and their official website states that the average cost to build a Pencils of Promise school is $50,000. They have further branched themselves to teach students about water, sanitation and hygiene.

Founded in 2008, Pencils of Promises have set up close to 616 schools, supported 2,528 teachers, and impacted 113,548 students. If you wish to know more about their vision, you can visit the link below:

5. Motivation

Founded in 1991 by two alumni from the Royal College of Art, London, Motivation is a global non-profit that works towards providing aid to disabled people. Since its inception, Motivation’s volunteers have worked selflessly towards creating a world in which disabled people can participate in all walks of life. The non-profit started charity by designing wheelchairs for the disabled and gradually started customizing them for different physical disorders. In 2017, Motivation rolled out its iconic 25,000th Rough Terrain wheelchair. And in the same year, it was showcased as a permanent exhibit in the new Design Museum in London.

To know more about the Non-Profit impact, you can read about them by clicking on the link below:

A strong Non-Profit impact is a key to thriving communities. Non-Profit organizations provide a platform for people to come together as one. They help build a sense of bonding and community, shared hopes, beliefs as well as dreams. They are the real heroes who do all the groundwork to feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, enlighten, and nurture people of every age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status across geographical boundaries. With support from numerous business leaders, individual contributors, and philanthropic communities, a strong Non-Profit sector makes the world a better place for everyone.