Volunteer Management Software for Non-Profits

As your Non-Profit grows, effective Volunteer Management becomes extremely important, and GiveLife’s Volunteer Management software can help Non-Profits create volunteer registrations, volunteer opportunities, and projects. Interested parties can register as volunteers using the portal.

The system also allows users to post various volunteering opportunities on the portal. The enrolment progress of these job opportunities can also be tracked within the system.

Multiple projects, with different tasks and responsibilities, can be created in this module as well. Volunteers can be assigned as a resource for these projects keeping in mind each individual volunteer’s interests, qualifications, skills, and availability.

Resource allocation and time tracking of each volunteer can be implemented for each individual project.

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An Integrated System Your Team Can Use

GiveLife365 is a user-friendly and highly intelligent cloud-based software capable of handling your Non-Profit’s requirements.


Tailored for Your Needs with Seamless Configuration Options

GiveLife provides seamless integration with several tools including financial systems and PCI compliant payment gateways.


Scalable Enterprise

GiveLife is designed to scale according to your organization’s needs and it adapts as your organization grows.

What Can You Expect From GiveLife?

Manage centralized constituent data using automated business workflows.


Pre-built integrations that allow easier maintenance, data availability, and better collaboration with different applications.


Manage marketing and customer service in one location to reduce administrative burden.


Gain insights about constituents to improve business processes via cloud-based business intelligence and analytics.

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